IMEIN is a newly established company that was created to provide a comprehensive response to our two main business areas ; Naval Industry and Sector .

Industrial Sector

In this area we intend to range from the basic maintenance of the plant, as may be lighting, to perform an automation of a machine or assembly line , through the completion of distribution panels and / or control.

For this we have highly qualified and experienced in various sectors having performed installations and electrical panels in automotive factories , steel mills, water treatment plants, tunnels, ...

We also have specialized in maintenance of machine tool for machining workshops or general industry personnel.

Marine Sector

In this area we intend to also cover a wide range of solutions for all types of vessels ( merchant ships, tugs, pleasure , ...) .

We have experienced staff to perform both new construction and renovations of existing buildings perform .

Perform maintenance and repair of vessels, both power distribution and control of the power plant , alarm systems , fire systems , ...

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